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What type of law does the Hernandez Law Group practice?

The Hernandez Law Group will not only offer their experience for your personal injury cases, but will also accept cases dealing with family matters, criminal law, and personal real estate matters.

Do I need to pay for an appointment with the Hernandez Law Group?

Initial meetings with our law office are always free. We have extensive experience dealing with first-time meetings so we will determine which direction and what type of care your case will need. The personal injury cases we accept will cost the client nothing at all after the initial meeting. Other types of cases we accept outside of personal injury, will be charged a fee.

How much does it cost to obtain our firm's legal services?

If you visit our Services page, you’ll see that we offer a number of different legal services to prospective clients.  Many people wonder how much it costs to obtain legal services, but this is a hard question to answer.  Each case is reviewed individually, and after a consultation, a determination is made as to how much legal services will cost.  This is based on the costs and fees associated with filing your case in the court system, as well as the cost of the hourly attorney’s fee.


If you are interested in obtaining our legal services to protect your rights and/or property, visit our Request an Appointment page to schedule a FREE consultation, or call 956.255.5555 to speak with an associate about your legal problems today.

Do I have to pay anything if my personal injury case does not result in collecting money from the person or company causing my accident?

The Hernandez Law Group will only collect a legal fee for personal injury cases if we are able to obtain damages awarded to you. We will work with you as soon as possible after your injury to help you with your post-accident-decision-making if you choose some type of medical care.  Medical care ordered by you before the Hernandez Law Group initiates representation may be costs you are obligated to pay outside of your case with us. However, rest assured, these “outside” costs incurred before our firm initiates representation will still be acknowledged, addressed, and considered within the parameters of your personal injury case.

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