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Our goal is to protect your rights and interests.

The Hernandez Law Group exists solely and wholly to work towards providing you the best results for your legal problems.  Whether it is the need to make someone pay for a wrong they have committed against you or the need to keep your rights and property intact, The Hernandez Law Group will work tirelessly to tailor and execute a specific plan to acquire the best results possible for you.  All while being committed to providing you excellent service.

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Personal Injury

If you or your loved one has been injured in an auto accident in the Mcallen-Edinburg-Pharr area or surrounding, our firm has the...

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Family Law

Unfortunately, your family may be affected by divorce or child custody issues.  Our firm has experience in fighting for your fair share...

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Real Estate Law

Whether you’re buying or selling real property, our firm can help you with the creation of important documents that protect your...

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Criminal Law

Find yourself in trouble with the law?  Whether it is a DWI, drug possession, or assault, we have extensive experience in asserting our...

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My experience there at the Law office of Agustin Hernandez, [Jr., P.C.] was incredible.  I liked the way everything was settled and with no hassle. I would recommend him to anyone that was in the situation I was.  Mr. Hernandez was able to get me much more from the insurance company than I ever expected.

I would like to say 'thank you' for getting me top dollar on my insurance claim and for all your hard work. Agustin Hernandez, Jr. went out of his way to help me with my case. I would recommend Agustin Hernandez, Jr. to anyone that would need help on a case.

Mike R.

Gracias al Abogado Agustin Hernandez por ayudarme con mi caso. Trato lo mas posible en ayudarme y lo recomiendo al 100% que si te ayuda. Muchas gracias y por su gran ayuda en el caso que fue en el accidente que tuvo mi hijo B. G.

D. Ramos

I am very satisfied with the outcome of my services. All questions were clarified and answered. Agustin Hernandez, Jr., seems to have my best interests in this case. I received the results I needed on my personal injury claim effortlessly and quickly by Agustin Hernandez.

Roxanne R.

Yo tenia muchos problemas con mi aseguransa que no me queria pagar los danos de mi casa causados por el granizo. Pero gracias a dios y al abogado Agustin Hernandez, y a todos sus abogados me ayudaron a ganar el caso. Siempre fueron muy amables conmigo y me dieron confianza y me explicaron todo.  Gracias a ellos y pude ganar el caso ellos pelearon por mi. Son muy onestos y buenos abogados.

Maria A.

I highly recommend Agustin Hernandez. Mr. Hernandez provided excellent guidance & support throughout the litigation process. The entire process was quick and efficient and I was pleased with the final outcome. Thank you Agustin for your help.

J. Gonzalez

Even though the insurance company tried to blame me for the accident, Mr. Hernandez was able to have the case dismissed and get me a great settlement.

Arnold M.

I was charged with a second-degree felony and Attorney Agustin Hernandez, Jr. worked tirelessly in getting it dismissed! Government attorneys are relentless when prosecuting charges, so I am glad I had a relentless, passionate attorney in Mr. Hernandez!

Veronica S.

I am so grateful with the Law Office of Agustin Hernandez, Jr.  They were able to handle my case without complications. I highly recommend them. Thank you for your help.

C. Lopez

Agustin, just a short note to thank you for your recent services and hard work in your defense of my daughter.  You went beyond the norm. Should you care to use this for future clients please feel to do so, you may also give them any contact numbers should they need for me to confirm your excellent services.

Gaines, G.

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